Sunday, November 30, 2008

Japan travel advise

Before going to Japan, you might consider the following.

Toilets: Be prepared for different style of toilets. You have no idea of what kind of technologies they can fit into these. The one on the picture has a "Stop"-button; I you start something you did not know about use thosbutton. Two different spray buttons; one for number 1's and one for number 2's. Music and cover sounds so people can not hear you...

Ironing: Bring your own ironing board, or if you do not have the space, bring knee pads.

Sushi: Be prepared for sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But don't worry. If you do not like sushi there are plenty of other fish dishes to choose from...
Naked cars?: Things are called very unexpected things like. Like the model name of this Daihatsui; "NAKED". And the local cafe: "BUM"

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